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PWT POWER TEN power poll

Welcome to the Pro Wrestling Takeover Power Poll.  This list counts down the 10 hottest stars in PWT currently, based on a combination of input from PWT Management, the active roster and our fans.  Be sure to click the links to support these guys and gals on social media and keep checking back after each show for updates to the list.  If you don't see your favorite, don't forget to cast your vote! 

1. Terrell Kenneth (6-0)

What a year and a half it’s been for Big TK, going from the crown jewel of a now defunct faction, in “The DeNucci Collection”, to becoming the crown jewel of an entire promotion. In winning the PWT Championship at LEMONADE (in a match that many are calling the best match in PWT history), Kenneth has done just that, leaving a pile of battered bodies in his wake on his way to the top of the mountain. The list of names he’s beaten in PWT is an impressive one, featuring Joe Gacy, Richard Holliday, Danny Miles, and Tyler Nitro, four completely different styles of wrestlers, highlighting how TK can handle any opponent the PWT front office throws at him in his first defense at ENTITLED.

2. King Leon the 6th (6-1)

His royal winning streak was stopped at ALMOST HOME in a now legendary PWT contest against Allie Recks, that much is true. But to ignore all that King Leon the Sixth did over his first year in Pro Wrestling Takeover would be impossible. In fact, some would say that he was the MVP of PWT’s first twelve months, chalking up wins over Sonny Kiss, Christina Marie, and Shockwave the Robot among others en route to the main event at the biggest show in company history. The question for King Leon is when, not if, he gets a shot at the PWT championship, will it play out like the bulk of his majestic PWT run or will it end in disappointment like his match at ALMOST HOME? All of Beheadya’s money is on the former.

3. Allie Recks (6-0)

There isn’t a single blemish on Allie Recks’ record in PWT. Undefeated is a word that carries a lot of weight, especially when that pristine run stretches out in time for over a year, especially when that run includes being the de facto champion while Mike Orlando was nursing himself back to health, especially when it includes winning the main event of PWT’s first anniversary event. And yet now, ironically enough, much like Mike Orlando, Allie is in a sort of limbo with PWT, having her contract sold to another promotion by a power drunk Chad Epik. Part of nearly every great PWT moment, the fans helplessly hope for her return.

4.'The Green Machine' Mike Orlando (5-1)

“The Green Machine” Mike Orlando IS Pro Wrestling Takeover. Or at least, he was.  Going from having ownership stand by him during his injury and vowing to never take the title off of him to, six months later, selling his contract to another promotion while he was still the PWT champion, is a long way to fall for the now former face of the promotion. One has to wonder why minority owner Chad Epik is doing what he’s doing and more importantly, when we’ll see “The Green Machine” in a Pro Wrestling Takeover ring again.

5. KTB (3-2)

The beast from the woods crushes puny humans. That’s a fact. And after a rocky start to his PWT career, KTB has been on a tear that has seen him steadily climb to the top of  the food chain in Pro Wrestling Takeover. With the success that he’s having in every company he pops up in nationwide, it would not be much of a stretch to consider KTB near the front of the pack that’s hunting the Pro Wrestling Takeover championship.

6. Tyler Nitro (4-2)

Tyler’s start in PWT saw him reel off countless victories before running into Terrell Kenneth at ALMOST HOME, where staff and medical personnel had to help him from the ring before putting him in an ambulance headed toward a local emergency room. He returned to the ring at LEMONADE, initially drawing the debuting Evander James before the card was reshuffled and Nitro found himself in a three way dance for the suddenly vacated PWT championship against Richard Holliday and the eventual winner, Big TK. Even in defeat, it may have been Tyler’s finest moment in PWT, as the fans were with him every step of the way, as they have been since his debut all the way back at INFAMOUS. And yet, there’s still something sour lingering, an aftertaste that won’t quite fade. It’s almost as if Tyler Nitro can’t win the big one.

7. 'The Shooter' Killian McMurphy (3-1)

 Killian McMurphy has quietly become one of the most dominant entities in PWT, submitting people up, down, and sideways over his first year in PWT. Well, we say quietly, but Killian's mouth is always running and almost always talking trash about someone or about some perceived slight. In fact, after being left off of the last show, Killian sent an angry message to the PWT home office, claiming there was some sort of conspiracy against him with the powers that be colluding to keep him away from PWT. Time will tell if Killian is correct or not. Fans may not miss his attitude, but they certainly miss the distinct brand of wrestling he brings to PWT.

8. 'Flash' Nick McKenna (4-4)

Beloved underdog and the fan’s own Flash Nick McKenna has certainly seen his stock rise since making his debut on our inaugural show way back in September ‘17, where he was a late addition as a local performer hired to work someone who would probably whip him. They did, predictably. But Flash did not quit, returning and taking beating after beating for months until finally cracking the code and topping Killian McMurphy at ALMOST HOME. But at LEMONADE, the flashmob was stunned when the returning Insane Dick Lane disposed of Flash in short order, seemingly taking most of the wind out of the sails of his feel good story. What’s next for Flash Nick McKenna could very well determine his future in Pro Wrestling Takeover.

9. MV Young (1-0)

MV Young finds his way onto the Power Poll after only one match in a PWT ring. It did see him outlast six other competitors for the win which earned him a PWT contract, so he’s already shown he can perform when the stakes are at their highest. His in ring attack has also drawn some attention from fans and pundits alike; calling it a hybrid style would be flat out lazy. There is simply a lot to it and it is more varied and nuanced than your typical young indy wrestler’s moveset. In fact, the only disconnect from MV from the fans’ perspective is his ridiculously brash attitude. But if he can keep adding wins to his resume and moving up the card as quickly as he has in other companies, PWT fans will have to learn to live with the envy of MV.

10. Insane Dick Lane (2-0)

He took a short hiatus from PWT, but the metahuman supervillain Insane Dick Lane returned to Pro Wrestling Takeover action at LEMONADE and notched his second impressive win in as many outings. The rest of the PWT locker room would be wise to be on alert. Beyond the dastardly cackle, beyond the evil intentions, beyond plotting the world’s demise, Insane Dick Lane is a ridiculously talented wrestler who may very well find himself in PWT’s upper card before the year is over. The catch is that his focus must remain more on the ring and less on global domination, an obviously tough task for an actual true-life super villain.

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