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*Photo Credits:  Zeke Dane, Jessica Lynn, Kevin Neales, Nik Sparlin, and Frank Boris

After setting an attendance record in January, PWT will return to Carmel, Maine on 4/13 with our biggest event to date in "ENTITLED". It will feature all of the fallout (and there will be a lot) from the LEMONADE event that saw us crown a new champion in Big TK before a thorn in the side of the entire promotion swiped the title belt and vanished into the night. Already announced as appearing are: Tyler Nitro, Terrell Kenneth, Bobby Orlando, Darius Carter and Beta Rho Omega. Tickets are on sale NOW and can be purchased exclusive-like right here in our online store. Go get one, man!

Pro Wrestling Takeover Returns to Central Maine with ENTITLED on 4/13

-MV Young won the Lucky 7 Scramble Match to earn a PWT contract.

-Insane Dick Lane defeated Flash Nick McKenna by pinfall.

-JP O'Reilly defeated Pengy the Stuffed Penguin

-Beta Rho Omega topped The Mane Event and The Epidemic in a three team TL207 battle.

-KTB defeated Evander James in a great match that had the full house rocking.

-Indy Card Mafia beat Young, Dumb, and Broke.

-Terrell Kenneth defeated Richard Holliday and Tyler Nitro to become the new PWT Champion.

Pro Wrestling Takeover LEMONADE Quick Results

Already announced:

- 'The Green Machine' Mike Orlando returns to action to defend the PWT Championship against  a man who remains undefeated after having carved a year-long path of destruction through PWT - Terrell Kenneth.

- Having recovered from a scary fall at 'Almost Home' Tyler Nitro returns to take on new comer and rising star on the independent scene, 'The Man You Can Trust' Evander James

- The dangerous KTB continues to build momentum as he takes on the returning high-flyer Jordan Oliver

-  'The Most Marketable Man in Professional Wrestling' Richard Holliday makes his PWT debut against the undefeated Allie Recks, fresh off her victory over King Leon the 6th at 'Almost Home'

Plus, we kick off Tag League 207, a 'Lucky 7 Scramble' for a PWT contract and much, much more!  Click the SHOP link to get your tickets now.

Pro Wrestling Takeover returns on Friday, January 25 with PWT: Lemonade

- KTB defeated KC Navarro and Sonny Kiss in as Triple Threat Match

- 'Day Hey Man' Eric Johnson defeated 'Moonlight Son' Mike Skyros via pinfall

- 'Flash' Nick McKenna defeated Killian McMurphy via submission in "Shooter's Tap Out Challenge".  An enraged McMurphy demanded an immediate rematch, which Flash won via pinfall

- Indy Card Mafia (Eric Emanon and Project Brewington) defeated Gavin Galss and Jordan Falco via disqualification, ending Glass and Falco's undefeated streak in PWT

- Beta Rho Omega (BRO) defeated The Street in tag team action

- 'Super Soldier' Rick Rekon defeated Tyrek

- Terrell Kenneth defeated Tyler Nitro to become the new #1 contender for the PWT Championship

- Allie Recks defeated King Leon the 6th via pinfall

PWT: Almost Home Quick Results - Sept 22, 2018

September 23, 2018

- PWT Management announced the "Green Machine" Mike Orlando would not be stripped of the PWT Championship, despite his recent leg injury and 6-month recovery window.  However, his girlfriend and partner Allie Recks would be forced to defend the Championship for him tonight against a mystery opponent.

- The debuting Insane Dick Lane defeated Big Raf and Frank Jaeger in a Triple Threat Match

- Gavin Glass and Jordan Falco defeated Beta Rho Omega (B.R.O) in tag team action

- KTB picked up his first victory in PWT by defeating both Christina Marie and Tyrek the Destroyer in a Triple Threat Match

- King Leon the 6th defeated Shockwave the Robot via countout

- "Flash" Nick Mckenna defeated "Super Soldier" Rick Reckon

- "The Destroyer" Terrell Kenneth defeated the debuting "Dynamite" Danny Miles

- Tyler Nitro defeated the debuting "Punk Rock Supernova" Eric Emanon

- Allie Recks successfully defended the PWT Championship for Mike Orlando by defeating  Squire

PWT: There's Something About Allie Quick Results - July 22, 2018

July 23, 2018

- The MiddleSEX Express defeated 2 Large Crew in both team's PWT debut

- Ike defeated JJ Adams and the debuting Corey Dillinger in a triple threat match

- Flash Nick McKenna defeated Connor Davies (subbing for an injured Channing Thomas)

- Jaxon Stone defeated Charlie Tiger in both men's PWT debut

- Gavin Glass and Jordan Falco defeated InZanely Rude and The Street in a triple threat tag match

- King Leon the 6th defeated "Super Soldier" Rick Rekon

-  Terrell Kenneth defeated the debuting Joe Gacy

- Tyler Nitro defeated KC Navarro and the debuting Jordan Oliver in a triple threat match

- "Firework" Foxx Vinyer defeated KTB

- Allie Recks defeated Christina Marie

- "Green Machine" Mike Orlando retained the PWT Championship by defeating "All Ego" Ethan Page

PWT: All Ego Quick Results - May 20th, 2018

May 21, 2018

- Flash Nick McKenna defeated Frank Jaeger, "Super Solider" Rick Rekon, Steven Lust, JJ Adams and "Da Hey Man" Eric Johnson in a 6-man elimination match, last eliminating Eric Johnson.

- Gavin Glass and Jordan Falco defeated the debuting InZanely Rude (RJ Rude and Zane Bernardo)

- Davey Cash defeated the 'Ultraviolent Assassin' Rob Marsh

- Killian McMurphy defeated the debuting Channing Thomas via submission in 'Shooter's Tap Out Challenge'

- King Leon the 6th defeated the debuting Christina Marie after interference from his squire

- Terrell Kenneth defeated the debuting "The Kid" Vinny Pacifico

- Tyler Nitro defeated KTB (Kyle the Beast)

- Ike defeated Connor Davies 

- PWT Champion Mike Orlando and Allie Recks defeated Foxx Vinyer and Kennedi Copeland

PWT: Rise of the Machine Quick Results - March 11th, 2018

March 12, 2018

On Sunday January 21st, 2018 Pro Wrestling Takeover presented our biggest and best show to date.  Playoff football be damned!  How about a triple threat championship ladder match instead?


Our opening match saw the PWT debut of the high flying Tyler Nitro, as he battled fan favorite Sonny Kiss.  For two men that have never worked together before, there was instant chemistry here.  This was a great fast-paced, back and forth contest.  In the end, Sonny was able to capitalize on missed high risk moonsault by Nitro to score the pinfall.  Nitro may have lost the match, but he certainly made an impression on PWT fans and management, as well as on his opponent.


In November, Mr. Joseph DeNucci promised a big surprise when he returned to Pro Wrestling Takeover. On Jan 21, DeNucci delivered that surprise as he introduced the first two pieces of his "Collection".  Leiter the Freak and the terrifying Terrell Kenneth appear to be the beginning of DeNucci's new stable.  After a memorable introduction by DeNucci himself, Terrell Kenneth proceeded to destroy Flash Nick McKenna.  Flash falls to 0-3 in PWT competition as the 350+ lb Kenneth came into PWT like Miley Cyrus (aka like a wrecking ball).


The next matchup was supposed to be a rematch between Chad Epik's Era of Violence taking on the returning team of Da Hoodz.  On our debut show in September, the EoV broke a bottle over Chris Pyro's head, causing him to miss the November show as he recovered.  Apparently, Da Hoodz couldn't wait to get their revenge in the ring as, before this match was scheduled to begin, Chad Epik announced that Da Hoodz had jumped EoV in the parking lot earlier in the day and sent both men to the hospital.  However, the always resourceful Mr. Epik found last minute replacements in the form of Judge Logan Chambers and Shay Cash.  Despite Mr. Epik's resourcefulness, his team could not contain Da Hoodz, who emerged victorious after a wild hardcore brawl.


Next up was a pair of PWT debuts as sometimes tag partners, sometimes rivals Gavin Glass and Jordan Falco faced off.  These two may have been unfamiliar to the audience coming in, but they won them over with an incredibly hard-hitting and competitive contest.  Unfortunately, we got no winner as these two were so evenly matched that they battled to a 10-minute time limit draw.  Despite the lack of a definitive winner, both men proved without a shadow of a doubt that they belong in PWT and we will absolutely be seeing them both again soon.


Returning from intermission, the unlikely duo of Allie Recks and King Leon the 6th took on the team of Brutal Bob Evans and Tough Tim Hughes, collectively known as Tough Guy Inc.  When Bob and Tim were booked, they approached PWT management and asked to be paired up with two of our brightest young talents.  Since Allie and Leon are both undefeated in singles competition in PWT, they seemed to fit the bill.  Unfortunately, King Leon was not happy at all about this decision and refused to tag Allie in during the early part of the match.  However, once the King found himself in trouble, Allie found her way into the match at which point King Leon washed his hands of the entire affair and walked out leaving Allie to fend for herself.  Undeterred, she continued to battle both opponents on her own and actually ended up scoring the victory for her team after a spear on Brutal Bob.  Despite not evening being present for the decision, King Leon has already begun touting "his victory" in this match.  This does not appear to be sitting very well with Allie Recks.


Next up was Killian McMurphy's Tap Out Challenge.  After submitting his opponent in his PWT debut in November, Killian decided to institute this Tap Out Challenge, where an opponent must simply survive 10 minutes in the ring with 'The Shooter' without submitting in order to win.  The first person to accept the official Challenge was Kennedi Copeland, who stepped up based on her MMA-style training regimen.  She was definitely up for the challenge and very nearly made Killian look foolish by making him tap on multiple occasions.  However, with the time limit rapidly approaching, Killian was able to lock Kennedi in a submission she could not escape and forced the submission.  Even in defeat, Kennedi earned some new fans here despite her allegiance to PWT Champion Foxx Vinyer.


In the semi-main event, 'The Sky Reaper' KC Navarro took on long-time friend and rival, 'The Lit Superstar' Sebastian Cage.  These two have done battle all over the Tri-State area in all types of matches and brought their feud to Maine for the first time ever.  Not surprisingly, given the history between these two, this match was non-stop high-flying action.  After several near falls from both men, Navarro scored the pinfall victory after a huge frog splash.


The main event of the evening was a three-way ladder match for the PWT Championship featuring champion 'Firework' Foxx Vinyer defending against 'Public Enemy #1' TJ Marconi and 'The Green Machine' Mike Orlando.  This match came about after Foxx had defeated both Marconi and Orlando via questionable tactics in previous Championship matches.  Pro Wrestling Takeover CEO Lucas Troy made this a ladder match in an attempt to even the playing field and prevent Foxx from cheating to score yet another victory.


This match went all over the building and was actually out of the ring more often than it was in the ring.  All three men fought tooth and nail, using tables, ladders and chairs as weapons to gain an advantage.  At one point, Mike Orlando even hit a flying cross body off of the bar onto Marconi and Vinyer on the floor.  As it appeared Mike Orlando was closing in on capturing the PWT Title that was hanging above the ring, Kennedi Copeland got involved on Foxx's behalf, grabbing Orlando's leg and preventing him from climbing high enough to reach the belt.  Allie Recks wouldn't stand for this interference though, and hit the ring to attack Copeland and remove her from the equation.


But just when we thought order was restored, two masked men hit ringside and attacked all three competitors.  Or attempted to anyway...  TJ Marconi was able to get his hands on one of the unknown assailants and proceeded to powerbomb him through a table at ringside.  Meanwhile, Foxx hit an exploder suplex on the other mystery man in the ring.  Orlando used these distractions to his advantage and began to climb towards the belt.  Foxx attempted to cut him off from the other side of the ladder and then Marconi tried to put a stop to both men's chances of reaching the Title by hitting a running big boot into the ladder itself.  However, as the ladder crumpled and both men toppled off, Mike Orlando was able to get just enough of a grip on the PWT Championship belt to pull it down as he fell.  In doing so, he also pulled down the entire rigging holding the belt aloft!   

This ended up breaking a pane of tempered glass, doing thousands of dollars in damage to the venue and equipment and very nearly impaling one of the masked attackers with a flying metal pole that broke free and flew down from the balcony!  But when the dust had settled, Orlando held the belt in his possession and was named the winner of the match and the new Pro Wrestling Takeover Heavyweight Champion!


All three competitors remained in the ring following the decision being announced.  As fans looked on, still shocked by the wild finish to the match, Marconi and Foxx began angling to be the first in line for a shot at the new champion Orlando.  It was then announced that both men would have an opportunity to earn a title shot on our next show on March 11.  Based on what happened here, Foxx Vinyer will team with Kennedi Copeland to take on Champion Mike Orlando and Allie Recks in a tag team match, and if either Foxx or Kennedi can score a pin or submission victory, they will earn a title match vs Orlando at a later date.  Similarly, TJ Marconi will also be able to earn a future title match if he can win his match on March 11, although his opponent for that match was not announced.

PWT: INFAMOUS Results - January 21st, 2018

January 22, 2018

Pro Wrestling Takeover returned to action on November 19th with a follow-up to our successful debut in September.   We wanted to up the ante on our second show, and judging by the fans' reactions all night long, I think we did just that!

In the opening contest, the debuting 'Shamrock Shooter' Killian McMurphy defeated Maine's own 'Flash' Nick McKenna via tap out.  As he did on our debut show, Flash put up a valiant effort, but ultimately succumbed to the technical prowess of the 'Shooter'.   McKenna is too talented not to break through in PWT, but his first victory will need to wait for now.

The next matchup was a triple threat between three talents all making their PWT debuts as Kennedi Copeland, seconded by PWT Champion Foxx Vinyer, faced off against Sean Leiter and Jimmy Limits.  This was a wild one for sure as all three controlled different points of the match and formed alliances with one opponent to take out the other.  Unfortunately, the match ended in a No Contest due to outside interference as TJ Marconi decided to make his presence felt by attacking all three participants.  Luckily for Kennedi, Foxx was there to save her from harm at Marconi's hands.  As Foxx and Kennedi left the scene, Marconi got on the mic and let the world know that he was in PWT for one reason and one reason only and that was to take the PWT Title from Foxx Vinyer.  

The following contest saw King Leon the 6th do battle with the 'Concrete Rose' Sonny Kiss.  While Kiss was making his PWT debut, King Leon was looking to continue the momentum he gained in victory on our debut show in September.  This was a true contrast in styles as the flash and style of Kiss battled the brute strength and massive ego of the King.  Despite quickly becoming a fan favorite, Sonny Kiss was unable to dethrone the King and was defeated after a royal beheading.  But fear not fans, Sonny will definitely be back in PWT ring again soon.

Next up, Mike Orlando addressed the crowd and questioned when he would receive his [deserved] rematch against Foxx Vinyer for the PWT Title.  He was soon interrupted by his opponent for the evening, former ROH star and WWE writer, the Unprofesssional Professional Wrestler, Mr. Jimmy Jacobs.  Jacobs quickly reminded Orlando that he needed to be focused on his match with him and not to worry about the title tonight.  Jimmy punctuated his point by slapping Orlando across the face and the match was on!  Both of these men put on an incredible performance and absolutely tore down the house, but in the end it was Orlando scoring the victory with a vicious lariat.  Orlando earned not only the respect of the fans but also the respect of Jimmy Jacobs tonight, and Jimmy drove that home by offering a handshake and a challenge after the match.  He stated that it sure seemed to him like Orlando deserved a title rematch and if he ever got it and was successful, to keep Jacobs in mind for a future title opportunity.  

We returned from intermission with Chad Epik leading the Era of Violence to the ring.  Epik continued to gloat about the EoV smashing a glass bottle over Chris Pyro's head on the last show, forcing Da Hoodz off this show while Pyro recovered.  Epik was interrupted by PWT General Manager, Lucas Troy, who announced that Jeff Cannonball was so disgusted by the cowardly attack on Chris Pyro that he had requested a match with the Era of Violence for himself and a mystery partner.  Troy claimed to have personally vetted Cannonball's partner and that it was the only "person" Cannonball felt he could trust in a fight with the EoV.   However, Cannonball entered the arena alone at first, before quickly disappearing back through the curtain only to re-emerge with his "partner" for the evening - a trash can loaded with weapons!

Despite being a deathmatch expert, Cannonball's choice of partners came back to bite him as the Era of Violence beat him mercilessly with trash cans, kendo sticks and various other weapons throughout the match.  Although he did get a few good licks in, Cannonball was eventually felled after being slammed onto a pile of Legos and then eating a top rope splash with a trash can.  After the match, Chad Epik had a few choice words for Lucas Troy, as he again declared his team the dominant force in PWT's tag team division.  

The next match saw two more PWT debuts as Sebastian Cage defeated the "Hitman for Hire" Mr. Grim.  When Kid Christian was injured in October, his friend Cage stepped up and volunteered to take Kid's spot on this show.  And he did not squander the opportunity, as he pinned Mr. Grim and avoided the dreaded body bag.  Cage made such a good impression on PWT management that one has to wonder if Kid Christian's spot will still be waiting for him when he's healthy enough to return?  

Mr. Joseph DeNucci then came out to inform the crowd that he has come to PWT to scout new talent for his stable.  And as everyone knows, Mr. DeNucci only manages winners, so it will be interesting to see who on the PWT roster DeNucci has his eyes on.  He also promised to deliver a big surprise on PWT's next show in January. 

PWT Favorite Allie Recks took on the "Queen of the Dinosaurs" Terra Calaway in the next match.  Allie made a lot of new fans when she defeated Kid Christian on our debut show in September and she kept that momentum going by defeating Calaway here tonight.  Although Calaway used her size and strength advantage to dominate much of the match, Recks was able to use her quickness and ring savvy to ultimately conquer her much larger opponent while officially establishing a winning streak in PWT.

In our main event of the evening, PWT Champion Foxx Vinyer successfully defended his Title against challenger "The Blue Eyed Devil" TJ Marconi.  Marconi made it clear his intention was to leave PWT with the title earlier in the night when he attacked Foxx's girlfriend Kennedi Copeland during her match.  However, Copeland and Vinyer had other ideas and Copeland herself made sure that Marconi would leave empty handed on this night.   This was a hard-hitting affair with both men pummeling their opponent with heavy strikes and big power moves throughout.  But just as Marconi appeared to be setting Foxx up to finish him off, Copeland grabbed his leg from ringside during a suplex attempt and held it down preventing him from kicking out as Foxx covered him for the 3-count to retain the title.  Infuriated,  Marconi chased the champion from the ring, but before Foxx and Kennedi could escape, they were met at the entrance way by Mike Orlando, whom Foxx defeated in September to capture the PWT Title.  Cornered, Foxx and Copeland bailed out the fan entrance to the building and immediately left the scene.  

With his early exit, the champ missed a very important announcement though.  As Mike Orlando and TJ Marconi each discussed getting another shot at the champ, PWT General Manager Lucas Troy appeared and announced that neither would have to wait very long for their rematch.  Troy, upset with the way both of his title matches had ended, declared that when PWT returns on January 21, 2018, that Foxx Vinyer would be defending his PWT Title against both Orlando and Marconi in a Triple Threat Ladder Match!

*photo credit:  Jessica Lynn (https://www.flickr.com/photos/auburnambition) 

PWT Results - November 19th, 2017

November 20, 2017

Pro Wrestling Takeover announced it's presence to the wrestling world in a big way with a successful debut outing on September 24th at Spire 29 in Gorham, ME.  Those fans who took the plunge with us were treated to a fast paced afternoon of hard-hitting in-ring action.

In the opening match, King Leon the 6th defeated local favorite Nick 'Flash' McKenna.  King Leon is looking to make an impact in PWT, but is obviously not concerned with making friends as he managed to insult his opponent, the ring announcer, crew members and the PWT fans before and all throughout the match.  And the insults continued to fly as King Leon left the arena with his faithful squire in tow.

Next up was a tag team match, or so we thought.  After the Sea Stars, Ashley Vox and Delmi Exo, were introduced, the man in charge of PWT, Lucas Troy, entered the ring and broke the news that the Sea Stars had been brought in to PWT to fight for a contract.  But there was only one contract available, and to earn it they would need to fight each other.  After reluctantly agreeing, Ashley and Delmi had a great back and forth wrestling match with Ashley Vox eking out a narrow victory to earn the PWT contract.  Both ladies showed good sportsmanship after the match, embracing and departing as friends.  However, one has to wonder how this match will impact their friendship going forward.

Scheduled next was a tag team encounter between Da Hoodz and Chad Epik's Era of Violence.  The two teams began brawling immediately upon entering the ring and the referee was unable to gain control of the situation.  Once again, Lucas Troy appeared and declared the match a No Disqualification match which seemed to suit these two teams just fine.  Lots of violence and plunder in this one, and Da Hoodz were able to divide and conquer and gain the victory.  The action didn't stop there however, as EoV jumped Da Hoodz from behind as they celebrated their victory and proceeded to tie Davey Cash to the ring ropes with zip ties, rendering him helpless as they turned their attention his partner, Kris Pyro.  Chad Epik capped off the beating delivered by his men by grabbing a wine bottle from the bar and taking a swig before smashing it over the head of a helpless Kris Pyro.  Mr Epik had some choice words for Lucas Troy as he led his team from the scene of the crime, leaving the crowd in attendance to speculate about the nature of the relationship between Troy and the EoV.

After a brief intermission, we returned to action as rising stars Allie Wrecks and Kid Christian faced off.  Christian appeared less than pleased to be booked to wrestle a woman, but Wrecks assured him she belonged in a PWT ring and proceeded to prove that fact in a fast-paced, back and forth match-up.   Wrecks won after spearing Kid Christian, who showed his true colors by paying Allie respect after the match.  Two stars were born tonight as many in the live crowd considered this the match of the night.

The following match was a wild 3-way showcase match featuring Mike Dell and two of the stranger wrestlers on the PWT roster, Devin Blaze and Remy Blackheart.  Blaze and Dell temporarily teamed up to take out their less experienced opponent but Blaze was able to get into both opponents' heads early and often and used that advantage to ultimately earn the victory, turning on Dell after they had dispatched Blackheart.

In our inaugural main event, 'The Green Machine' Mike Orlando squared off against Firework Foxx Vinyer to determine the very first Pro Wrestling Takeover Champion.  It was clear from the jump that these two don't like each other and they came out hot from the opening bell with lots of high impact moves and stiff strikes.  As this hard-hitting encounter wore on, Mike Orlando seemed to be in control and preparing to put his opponent away before Foxx produced some sort of foreign object from his gear and clobbered Orlando with it knocking him out cold.  Foxx crawled to the cover and became the very first PWT World Champion, much to the dismay of the fans in attendance.  Lucas Troy made another appearance to present the new champion with his championship as the stunned crowd looked on.  Troy did not seem overly impressed with the outcome, although it was unclear if his discontent was due to who won the match or the means by which they won.

PWT Debut Results - September 24, 2017

September 25, 2017